Programming Fans and “Not Wiring”

Jan 28, 2018 | Fans, RF Networks, Uncategorized

Fancy fans and analog networks without wires…

As it turns out a programmable fan can be darned a handy. A single fan can respond to a wide variety of operating conditions. Parameters can be set for temperature, flow rate, etc. One fan in inventory can span many applications.

The second segment of this video showcases Digi International’s XBee modem. Great way to control things like digital signage. Run one-to-one, or with more than 2 devices run meshed networks up to 11 miles indoors, and 65 miles outdoors (line of sight). Posing the question, “Do I pull and bury wire all over the place, or spend a couple hours figuring out how to bounce RF signals around?”

Cool stuff — see the video below!