About TechRep East

Laser Focused Experts

TechRep East has expertise spanning hundreds of products and 1,000’s of component parts. We have engaged with projects at every intersection along the product lifecycle. We have helped our customers and manufacturers innovate, integrate, and manage their production supply chains more effectively.   We don’t just quote parts prices. We roll up our sleeves and add value to the team! Speaking of great teams, we have partnered with Precison Devices, Inc. to deliver an even broader offering of products across the following categories:


  • Drives & Controllers
  • Motors & Actuators
  • Power Electronics
  • Cabinets, Enclosures, & Cooling Fans
  • Permanent Magnets
  • Stampings and Wire Forms

We are engineers. As such, we get all excited talking about this stuff. If you have a project that fits what we do, let’s have a conversation! We would love to share our expertise.

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Don Venderbush, President

TechRep East – Cincinnati

Don has been a passionate expert on power electronics, electric motors and drive systems, control and actuation systems for 30+ years.

+1 513-319-4499